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andrew j dorn

DOP. Producer. Director.

Digital content

Digital Content
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Steak EDIT_1

Fish EDIT V2

The Highline

Short Reel

Womens Weekly Megan Gale Photoshoot

How To: Potato Gem Nachos

Who Gives a Crap - HP Feature piece

Location Showreel

Williamsburg Bridge NYC

Soho: Charley Street Cafe

Tribeca: LaughingMan

Brooklyn Transmitter Park


Justine's Flavours of Fuji - Cooking/Travel Show

NYC Brand Projection

The Home Team - Lifestyle TV

Bar Breaker

Zagame Promo

Tropical Gourmet - Cooking/Travel Show

Bar Breaker

Grass Fed Cattle Farm

Longer Reel

Bar Breaker

IchPig Clothing

Bar Breaker

Drone Montage

BMW/Mini Car Campaign

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